Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recent Accomplishments

As I mentioned in my 'Who am I' intro at the Senior Center's Candidate's Who's Who for Election, here are some of my recent accomplishments for you to see...

Recent Accomplishments:

Auburn Zip Trip – Fox 25 (Kristen Pappas / Recreation & Culture Committee):
Established Auburn as the #1 spot with the most books collected this year at a Zip Trip -- 223!
Got Special thanks to the Bryn Mawr Elementary School

Scholastic BOGO Book Fair: Bryn Mawr Elementary
Made available Summer Reading List books for purchase for first time
Increased revenues by 16.14% - netting a profit and $110 voucher for books for the library
Assisted 1st Grade Classes/ Teachers with ‘Bank On Books’ Purchase for Auburn Youth & Family Svcs. Library set up

Assisted Mrs. Misa Hamden (Math teacher at Bryn Mawr)
Photographed Events for her: Home Depot Math Grade 2 Event pictures to be used at Bryn Mawr & at West Street
Photographed Events for her: McMath Nite @ McDonald’s Event – pictures to be published in Auburn News

District 1 PTO- I assist at many of their sponsored events and fundraisers.

School Spirit Clothing Sale- Not a fundraiser
This was just an opportunity to purchase clothes that had school logo or names or town name on it. I was able to price it and then negotiate the pricing in a way that we at final payment secured $162 for the PTO.

Special Olympics (Auburn Recreation & Culture Committee Member) (AR&CC)-
150 + athletes/ 400+ local volunteers all registered and managed by AR&CC
As part of the AR&CC hosting group during the weekend of the two day event: coordinated Olympic Town section of the event, main coordinator for the pre-registered 400 volunteers from town, was main point of contact after Recreation Director, assisted with medals awarding and photos, and set up and break down of the site.

I handled preparation of the final Thank you notes and certificates to all vendors and participants to those people and groups that were involved in this great activity- created, printed, delegated, assisted with the scheduling for presentation on camera at live meetings, and made sure all members of AR&CC were signee’s of certificates. This event was/ is a truly team event.

NOTE: The corporate Special Olympics for MA were impressed with the way we (AR&CC)administered our site that our site model is to be as an example for other sites, for multiple reasons. Because of all of this, Auburn had Massachusetts Special Olympics Winter Basketball as a host site for next year 2010 before the weekend had finished.

Auburn's Fall Festival (Auburn Recreation & Culture Committee Member) (AR&CC)-
NO working budget for this event, and managed to establish it as an annual event with non-profit/ profit local vendors (29 for first year) pulling in profit of $800, with approx.1,500 attending on what quickly turned into poor weather day. Have secured dates for 2009, with existing vendors as well as other interested vendors having seen success of this event in community; solicitation of vendors for vending at event; solicitation of donations for the event communications for the event (advertising/ public relations/ marketing related).

And these are but a few of the projects that I am/ have been involved with either in town or in the schools. I am the type of person that will let my work spreak for myself versus putting together a flyer or a log entry for this type of accomplishments. I work hard and will let that speak for itself.

Election Day tomorrow! Go Vote Please!

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May 21st, 2009

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Auburn's Future!


10 Points On How I will get things done/ approach the work:

1.) I will be PROACTIVE vs. reactive. I plan to solve issues with an approach rooted in accountability for results that is transparent to the public. If there is a need to be reactive I will work to resolve it accordingly while putting a plan in place so that a proactive plan can prevent a recurrence.

2.) I will get things done by making the necessary contacts and networking relationships with the local, community, district, state, and federal groups necessary to do whatever it will take to move our educational system forward.

3.) I will begin by holding everything to dates and accountability of deliverables. My expertise of keeping the ‘Big Picture’ in mind, is where my project management skill set will be valuable in terms of the 7 key plans the School District has yet to develop and implement.

4.) I will reach out to any and all groups - locally, district, state, and federal to fulfill the needs of Auburn’s educational system. My starting point will be any of the following: funding, grants, and curriculum, volunteer or community outreach programs.

5.) I will work towards getting the 7 plans as outlined in the Strategic Plan (including the Strategic Plan) we as a community developed. These outstanding plans are: the Strategic Plan (to implement), Technology Plan, Technology Curriculum, Multi-Year Professional Development Plan for Teachers and Administration, Schools Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and the Community Outreach Plan.

6.) I will work to clear up the communications. This cannot be emphasized enough. Consistent messages, up to date information, clear and concise information, from one source to another, that is being shared fluidly must be employed between all groups.

7.) I will work at getting all of the groups communicating: school committee, teachers, parents, community, and the town administration. True progress cannot be made unless we are all reading, saying, and agreeing to the same things.

8.) I will work towards providing resources to promote the success of every student and teacher. In this new technology driven environment of the 21st century, it is critical that they are proficient in the skills they will need to be successful in their lives, and as citizens in our community.

9.) I will look at the many aspects of school safety, to ensure that students and teachers have a safe environment for learning.

10.) I will look at the districts libraries in regards to teaching resources/ facilities and as part of the overall curriculum needs. District wide there is a need for an evaluation and assessment as this resource can tie into the MCAS scores.


Top 5 Talents/Skills that I bring to any group/ project:

1.) Diverse Set of Communication Skills- from the “Big Picture” to the specifics of a running product/ service campaign. Areas of Marketing/ Public Relations/ Advertising/ Graphic Design.

2.) Networking Skills- the ability to reach out to diverse groups in the community, district, and businesses to further enrich our academics and students futures.

3.) Community Outreach Skills- I am currently doing this, and would bring this skill with me from my work the Recreation & Culture Committee. This can only be done by going out and being involved with the community in multiple areas and in multiple ways, by being accessible, available, and truly understanding the ‘Big Picture’ and each groups needs.

4.) Project Management skills in which I deal with multiple tasks, sites, deliverables and deadlines. I have training and experience that assist me in project management assignments for: vendors & cost management, deadline oversight, selection of consultant/ contractors and other project items through to full project deliverables.

5.) A Deeply Rooted Work Ethic- having a dedication to always learning. I maintain that by being focused, goal driven, open minded and a problem solver.


Here are the 10 core reasons that qualify me for School Committee:

1.) I am a parent with a young child in the Auburn school system.

2.) I am a substitute teacher in the Auburn District school system for grades K-12. I have also substitute taught at the high school level in the Milford school district.

3.) I actively volunteer in the school system. I am the Library Volunteer at Bryn Mawr. I am an active member of District 1 PTO. I am the Scholastic Book Fair contact for Bryn Mawr.

4.) I see the problems existing within the school system and the district. I want to be part of, shape the solutions to, and take into account all demographics I am already involved with.

5.) I am active alumnae of Simmons College and the Alumnae/i Assoc.(Boston, MA) I specifically do: Simmons College Undergraduate Admissions Alumnae Representative for the Central MA College Fairs. This position has allowed me to network with other colleges in our area (Worcester County) and be knowledgeable of the requirements that colleges are requiring of students. I am my class Co-President.

6.) I believe any type of situation needs to be inclusive vs. exclusive in order for it to be successful.

7.) I investigate all of the solution options, and take into account the “Big Picture” to ensure that the option selected is the best one for the long term, not just the short term or select few outcome.

8.) I have negotiating experience that is both results and solution based.

9.) I friends and associates that are either teachers or are in the education field, as well as resources for support.

10.) I will be auditing classes to continue to expand my knowledge base.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fox25 Zip Trip to Auburn

Well... We as a town did it! We did ourselves proud! We placed ourselves as #1 for all of the records on the Zip Trip. Yeah! Everyone and everything looked great down at Goddard Park and on TV!

And that included the Book drive that Fox 25 did. I checked at the end and found out that we were approx. 11 books short and made a quick run back to the Bryn Mawr Book Fair and got back in the nick of time to make sure that we got the #1 title for that as well since we have such strong reading programs here in the school system. So we knocked out Needham from the #1 spot. Thank you to all of you who came by and supported the Bryn Mawr Book Fair and bought their books there! District 1 PTO appreciates it greatly!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

School Libraries...hmmmm..

Well... Since we again have the town library on peripheral part of our minds, whenever the discussion for voting is brought up for budget, let me discussion here the school's libraries. I am certain that those of you whom have children in the system know that state of the libraries at the individual schools. Depending on your view point I will say that as a whole they are from a parent's perspective ‘functional’- books come in and they go out. And the kids seem happy about it and not too upset that they can't occasionally get the books that they may really want. They know that they can go with their parents to either the town library (mind you supposedly) or to the book store to get the book or books that they really do want to read. The point and bottom line is that they want to read and that they are doing just that, and to that point I whole heartedly agree.

Now, what I know from personal experience, and I at this point, I am going to give a HUGE shout of CREDIT to all of those coordinators, volunteers, parents and anyone that goes in and helps to keep these facilities running year after year for our students. It is a thankless job and we do it for our kids and everyone else's kids. Truthfully, many times if we as volunteers are not, then library just does not happen. And I can say from being one of the mom’s and coordinators that helping the kids to find something that they want or discover something interesting is just as much fun as seeing them at a toy store – more so.

Yet, year after year the line item in the individual school budgets have been whittled away at, if not flat out cut. It is to the point that there isn’t even a library supplies line item for the school. What goes into the library supplies? Books, book pockets, library check out cards, book coverings, repair supplies, stamps & ink pads, and even copier paper as this year has even shown. I know from the school I am at the PTO is depended upon to cover most if not ALL of the costs for the library at least for this next year. I question the feasibility of this assumption on the part of the District to be able to fund this even on a one off school or even two schools that the PTO supports.

The two points to this are the District should be funding the four Elementary libraries equally –period. The not at all is not an option either as the condition of the collections are not great in regards to the curriculum that they are being taught and referenced. If these libraries are not funded at all, the only libraries that some of these children will see are the ones where they can’t find what they want, can’t reference what they want, and can’t even use a book that is in functioning condition. Some of you may think I am being dramatic, but really I am not depending on the school we are taping books together.

So again I ask why is it that 2 of the 4 Elementary schools ask for library supply line items and get it? Then the other 2 do not? Then of course there is the ever present not functioning AMS’s library… another whole issue for discussion that has been open and not dealt with for two plus years. How are our students to be prepared to enter AHS to use the state of the art library if they have no information sciences training?

There needs to be at minimum some level of funding for the libraries at the schools, especially as the town’s library is in question. Good school libraries tie into good MCAS scores. The cohesiveness of the curriculum to the student’s ability to use the information sciences resources in the library / educational process is going to be critical to their future in the global market.